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Sasha Birthday

Why a blog?

I have a pretty intense job, and I love nothing more than coming home to my four beautiful cats - I slam the door to the outside world and suddenly life is what it is supposed to be!

Now What??

I’ve deleted all my old posts – I had to leave the pictures because I couldn’t figure out how to… anyway, not important now.

My beautiful haughty Sasha having her second birthday… but Minyon rushed in and swiped the tuna cake out of her reach! I smile at that even now – because I didn’t know then.  I should have known, I think.  It was all there, but sometimes we blinker ourselves from truths we can’t bear to let in in case they eat us away like a virus from the inside. Virus. Funny? Ironic? Let it stand.  

Anyway none of it matters now. Do you know the feeling? Sometimes in life there comes a moment when everything changes – suddenly the sun is below you and the trees are spinning and you’re vomiting onto the ground trying to get the knowledge out – just out of your body, somehow – as if you could forget it.  As if it were that easy.

I’m not making sense, but that’s because none of it makes sense. How did we do this?